Getting Started

Because I am so confident that I can bring value to your organization, I am willing to conduct a one-day on-site assessment of your business for the cost of travel and expenses only.

The assessment will bring to light many aspects of your business. For example: does your company operate strategically or tactically, and why does it matter?

It starts with a lot of questions! What is the vision of the future? What are the financial objectives of the company? Is the current strategy to accelerate revenue or cut costs? And many, many more.

This in-depth examination will allow me to assess the talent within the organization, and uncover the opportunities. An Assessment Agenda will be provided in advance.

I will then formulate a Proposal outlining the areas where I can help you to meet your goals, with various levels of financial commitment for your approval. Prior to starting the consulting engagement, I will create a Timeline and Plan of Action outlining the resources needed, and accountabilities to accomplish the objectives.

Cash is always tight, but you can’t afford not to be proactive in this challenging environment. Now is the time to start implementing solutions! Make sure it is your company that will take market share away from the competition.

“Sally is a great example of a GIA graduate who has built a successful and varied career in the jewelry business. Her extensive background offers a broad perspective in whatever role she has taken on. I am sure that Sally will bring her usual high level of expertise, talent and creativity to her clients.”
– Kathryn Kimmel, V.P. and Chief Marketing Officer, GIA

Get a one-day on-site assessment of your business for the cost of travel and expenses only!

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